How to Contribute

This page shows and overview of the process, for detailed explanations and questions, see the FAQ.

The whole idea behind this project is to create a world together. This is not an art project where only the best artists submitt their stunning work, but a collaborative work where everyone can contribute, novice and expert alike.

The only requirement for participating is that you have a basic grasp on CC3+. You should know the basics about sheets and layers, symbols and drawing tools. You don't have to be an expert user by any means, but you must be able to produce a map using CC3+'s tools.

This project needs all kinds of maps, such as overland maps, city maps, city neighbourhoods, building floorplans, and dungeon maps, to name some of the common types.

If you want to participate, please read the guidelines below. We don't want to limit people with too many rules and limitations, but some order is needed to keep this project cooherent. Remember though, most sections below are named guidelines, because that is indeed what they are, guidelines, and not hard rules.

How to Participate

To participate, browse the maps, and find an area you would like to develop that has no detail map (basically any area WITHOUT a clickable hotspot in any of the online maps). This can be part of an overland map you wish to create a detail map from, a city symbol in need of a city map, a building in a city that needs a floorplan, or another interesting feature on a map (such as a ruin) that needs a map (such as a dungeon beneath said ruin). The idea is simply to locate an existing feature that is unmapped, or an area that needs a detail map, and volunteer to map that.

Then, request to be assigned this area in the community atlas thread in the ProFantasy forum or on the mailing list, and if no-one else has claimed this area, you will get this area assigned to you. To identify the area you wish to map, feel free to provide a screenshoot of the map with whatever you wish to map marked or highlighted to easily identify your "claim".

Once you have been assigned that area, simply make the map, and when done, submit it to the atlas maintainer. Read below for submission guidelines.

Feel free to show off your progress in the forums while you work.

General Guidelines

Mapping Guidelines

Technical Requirements

Submission Requirements



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