Welcome to the World of Nibirum

The world of Nibirum is a community atlas project that is all about mapping the complete world together. Starting with a common world map, ProFantasy community members are mapping the various regions of this world. Each map is created by a single mapper, and then other mappers create detail maps from the interesting locations of that map, fleshing out the areas, and providing other interesting areas where new mappers may create detail maps from their maps, and so on.

This project contains maps at all levels, world, continent, country, local area, city, floorplan and dungeon maps, just to name some of them. All of these comes in a hyperlinked package, so you can open the top map in CC3+, and then browse through them by clicking on interesting places on the maps.

These maps are all in the Campaign Cartographer 3+ file format, and is available for anyone to download and modify for their own use. Do note that the maps come in a variety of styles, so not all map will be usable unless you have the related addons.

You can also browse the atlas on the web, allowing you to see what maps are available, and download high-resolution png versions of the maps for use without CC3+.

Note that we are always looking for people to contribute maps to this atlas. See the How to Contribute link in the menu for additional information.on.

Mapped with CC3
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Please do not link directly to files or images on this server. Either link to the atlas main page (http://atlas.monsen.cc), or for links to individual maps, use the link that appear below each map in the map browser. Thank You.

This Atlas is a community project, and is not affiliated with ProFantasy Software Ltd.