Contest & Challenges

This page contains an overview of the various contests and challenges related to the atlas, and the winners of these.

1-year Anniversary Contest

This contest was held during the month of february in 2018 to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the community atlas. 29 entries competed for the prize for best map, as well as two prizes randomly drawn from the participants.


Feralwood Forest
Best Map

Magumul Empire
Quenten Walker
Random Draw

Night Sky over Nibrium
Random Draw


  1. Twin Hemispheres (Wyvern)
  2. Planisphere (Wyvern)
  3. Polar Rectangular (Wyvern)
  4. Polar Long Rectangular (Wyvern)
  5. Magumul Empire (Quenten)
  6. Souza Inn (Quenten)
  7. Leonder Imperium (Quenten)
  8. Feather Woods (Cernunnos)
  9. Al-Sanadin (Cernunnos)
  10. Emerald Crown Forest (ScottA)
  11. Feralwood Forest (ScottA)
  12. Wolfsbane Moor (ScottA)
  13. Mooserun (ScottA)
  14. Stormwatch (ScottA)
  15. Peristiwa Peninsula (Lorelei)
  16. Ambracia (Lorelei)
  17. Chapel Ruins Exterior (Shessar)
  18. Chapel Ruins Interior (Shessar)
  19. Chapel Ruins Floorplan (Shessar)
  20. Ghost Tower Dungeon (JimP)
  21. Ghost Tower (JimP)
  22. Lampoteuo City (Josh Plunkett)
  23. The Lucky Grain Inn (Josh Plunkett)
  24. The Wound (Josh Plunktett)
  25. Creepers Cave (Josh Plunkett)
  26. Lampoteuo Region (Josh Plunkett)
  27. Kentoria (Gathar)
  28. Malhavania (Kathorus)
  29. Loksa Environs (Kathorus)

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